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Domestic Blindness

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 “Is there coffee?”

This is a question my husband has asked me every morning.  Now, fresh coffee brewing isn’t something I can hide. It fills the house with an enticing, full-bodied aroma. When I’m in the kitchen, I can hear it percolating and see its rich dark color as it trickles into the carafe. If that isn’t enough, the coffee maker chimes once it has completed brewing, letting us know it’s ready.

It's the same with the eggs. We always keep them on the top shelf in the front. So why does my husband ask, “Where are the eggs?”  How can he not see them? He’s the one standing in front of the refrigerator with the door wide open, his whole body leaning in as if he’s about to step into a vortex.

I just sigh and tell him (without looking) where they are, and Bam! He finds them.

Such is the affliction of Domestic Blindness.

Any object—car keys, the remote, a wallet etc. mysteriously disappears in plain sight whenever your significant other is looking for it.

This morning, when my husband asked, I gave him a little clue with his coffee. 😊

Toni O.

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