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The Importance of Silliness

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Colorful Balloons in Air

The other day, I was blowing up balloons for a birthday party. I haven’t been around balloons in several years. Suddenly I was tossing them back and forth, waving them around like pom poms, tying them together, and much to my husband’s chagrin, creating static electricity by rubbing them on his head and sticking them to the wall.

I’d forgotten how much fun they were. Silly? Yes. Fun? Definitely! But this simple act of silliness lightened my heart and whatever cares I had at the time and helped me rediscover a part of myself I often overlooked.

Adulting can be difficult and at times overwhelming. Sometimes we need a break. Silliness allows us to breathe, relax, and experience joy. Best of all, silliness doesn’t require time, money, or planning. The only requirement is fun.

Here’s to being silly.

Toni O.


The balloons are still here. 😊


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