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What? No Turkey?!

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Thanksgiving Dinner With A Black X Over The Turkey

Thanksgiving! It’s finally here. This year I decided to do something completely different. I let my husband cook. Not sure that was a good thing once he told me the menu, which included ham instead of turkey and some other foods I didn’t associate with Thanksgiving, like broccoli coleslaw. What? No turkey? Sacrilege! Broccoli coleslaw? What is that? What do you mean you’re not going to make everything from scratch like I do and start cooking days in advance?

Before I unleashed my inner control freak and took back Thanksgiving dinner, I inhaled several cleansing breaths and remembered what the holidays were really about: family, being together and being thankful. Most importantly, I remembered he was doing this for me, so I graciously handed over the reins. I don’t know what the day will bring, but I’m sure it will be memorable, and the meal will be seasoned with the most important ingredient, love.

And worst case scenario. If I really need a turkey, I can get my own.

    Inflatable Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving.

Toni O.


Fall Thanksgiving

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