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Stressed Much???

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Poop Emo-Gee Coffee MugIf you’re reading this, Congratulations! You have survived the zombie mosh pit that was 2020-2021. Unfortunately, surviving doesn’t necessarily mean thriving. For 2 ½ years we’ve lived with the intense political, economic, and social upheaval of a Tolstoy novel. We’ve been forced to adapt to new ways of living, working, caregiving, and traveling. We’ve lived with the ups and downs of an uncertain and sometimes scary world for so long, it’s starting to feel normal.

In the chaos, I tell myself it’s ok to acknowledge things are a real #$&@ show right now. The Poop Emo-Gee Mug helps me do that. I love its big happy smile because it reminds me that I still have the capacity laugh amid all the “Poop” in my life. Being positive doesn’t mean putting on a “happy face” while denying all the pressures and problems which exist but choosing to be joyful in spite of them.

To your success!

Toni O.


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