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Snow Day

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When the weather forecast called for a wintry mix, I imagined a rainy, slushy day with chilly temperatures and a mildly inconvenient commute. What I got was enough heavy, wet snow and ice to close all the major highways and shut down the city.

It was the first snow of the season and quite unexpected. Instinctively, I began to obsess over all the work I had on my plate—things that couldn’t possibly wait, things that wouldn’t get done, and the things that would pile up. After the rush of anxiety subsided, the workaholic in me slowed to a grinding halt, and I realized something. My inescapable snow day might be a blessing in disguise.

It forced me to stop and appreciate what I had in the moment: comfy jammies, piping hot coffee, and a roaring fireplace. I was surrounded by beautiful snow-covered scenery, and its stillness allowed me the respite I didn’t know I needed.

Next time you find yourself stressed out, overwhelmed or tired, just stop. Allow yourself to live in the moment and take a snow day.

Toni O.

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