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Welcome To Our New Website!

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How does it look?

I’m so happy you stopped by. It’s been long time in coming, but it’s finally completed. I hope you'll find this site faster, easier to navigate, and a lot more fun to explore as we bring new and quirky products your way, relay interesting tidbits, and share news about special promotions and what’s happening with us.

For me this has been a labor of love. When I started Sour Sentiments I wanted to do more than sell products. I wanted to give you a good laugh—to acknowledge the absurdities of human nature, whether it’s a dealing with a passive-aggressive co-worker or a bestie who can't navigate the choppy seas of love.

Whatever the case, we all know life isn't always warm and fuzzy; therefore, why not celebrate life's challenging moments with a Sour Sentiments product?

Here it's OK to be defiant, irreverent, politically incorrect or self-righteous. This is your time to laugh at yourself and everyone else.


Toni O.

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